School Choice Scholarships (vouchers) and Tax Credit Scholarships (SGOs) may now be applied for.  Instructions to do so are as follows:

School Choice Scholarships (Vouchers):  If you believe you are eligible, please send a copy of the first two pages of your 2019 1040 Federal Tax Return to Mr. Martin.  Make sure that the pages contain the members of your household and your gross adjusted income.  Mr. Martin will then contact you when the forms are ready for your signature. Parents of students eligible for a SCS (voucher) are asked to complete an application for an SGO as well. Please see the information below for instructions to complete that process.

Tax Credit Scholarships (SGOs): Families desiring a Tax Credit Scholarship (SGO) for their student(s) should go to to create an account and submit an application including the required income documentation, usually Form 1040.  If your Form 1040 is not available, please contact Mr. Martin to discuss other forms of income verification.

  1. Once an application has been submitted, Emmaus must verify the information and approve the application.
  2. Once Emmaus has verified and approved the application, it is sent to the SGO for final review.
  3. Parents must complete an additional application at FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment at to determine need.
  4. Once approved by the SGO, and need determined by FACTS, the application will be marked ‘approved’ and the school will notify the parent of the amount of the award.