Scholarship Assistance

There are a variety of ways in which a family can receive assistance withelementary (k-5th) and middle school (6th-8th) tuition at Emmaus Lutheran School.

Indiana’s School Choice (Voucher)

This program represents a significant financial benefit for many families, allowing students to receive a credit toward their education at a private school. With this program in place, now is the perfect time to consider Emmaus Lutheran as a place to continue your child’s education.

For example, a family of four living in the Fort Wayne Community School district with a gross household income less than $147,075 a year can now qualify for up to $6,113 a year per child.* For general information about the voucher program and income eligibility, visit or click the VIEW ELIGIBILITY button below.

Click the VIEW CHARTS button below to view the new income eligibility thresholds, based on household size, as well as the scholarship amounts available to Allen County Students. If your total household income falls below these thresholds, you may be eligible for a School Choice Scholarship. To verify your eligibility and available scholarship amount, contact the Lutheran school of your choosing.


Internal Grants and Scholarships

Emmaus Lutheran Church and School also funds internal grants and scholarships to qualifying families through the Emmaus Lutheran School Scholarship Fund. These families are able to receive the benefits of a solid Christian education, which they might have never thought possible.

The link to FACTS Tuition Assistance found below is the path by which families can apply for an SGO or Voucher and also Emmaus Lutheran School Scholarships. Parents complete a confidential and thorough application form and submit it with a fee to FACTS. (Emmaus Lutheran School receives none of this fee.) Then FACTS issues a detailed report indicating a recommended financial aid amount.

Emmaus Lutheran School then presents a financial aid letter to the parents. Parents are asked to keep such offers and the details of final arrangements confidential. Emmaus Lutheran School commits to doing the same.