Wellness Policy


I.                Nutrition

Nutrition Education and Promotion

Nutrition topics shall be integrated within the comprehensive health education curriculum and taught at every grade level according to standards of the Indiana Department of Education. Schools will link nutrition education and promotion activities with existing coordinated school health programs and Biblical principles of Christian life.

  1. Nutrition education and promotion will be provided as part of a comprehensive health education program.
  2. The school will provide nutrition education training opportunities to teachers and staff for all grade levels.
  3. Nutrition education will cover topics such as making wise food choices and how what we put into our bodies affects not only our bodies but our immune systems and minds as well.
  4. Healthy items such as salads and fruits will be displayed in the cafeteria to make healthy options more appealing.
  5. Foods of minimal nutritional value, including brands and illustrations, shall not be advertised or marketed in educational materials.

Standards for USDA Child Nutrition Programs and School Meals

Emmaus Lutheran School will provide and promote the National School Lunch Program to ensure that all students have access to healthy foods to support healthier choices and promote optimal learning.

  1. School Meal Content
  2. Meals served through the National School Lunch Program will:
    • Be visually appealing and appetizing to children
    • Meet, at minimum, the nutrition requirements established by the USDA for federally funded programs
    • Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables
    • 100% of the grains will be whole grain
  3. All cooked foods will be baked or steamed. Proper procurement procedures and preparation methods will be used to decrease excess fat, calories, and sodium levels.
  4. The food service shall provide periodic food promotions that will allow for the taste testing of new healthier foods being introduced on the menu.
  5. Special dietary needs of students will be considered when planning meals, according to the document “Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in the School Nutrition Program”.



  1. School Meal Participation
  2. The school will inform families of the availability and location of Summer Food Service Program meals, in accordance with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Schools in which more than 50% of students are eligible for free or reduced-priced school meals will sponsor the Summer Food Service Program when feasible.
  3. Mealtimes and Scheduling
  4. Adequate time will be provided to students to eat lunch (at least 20 minutes after being served).
  5. Elementary students will have recess scheduled prior to lunch.
  6. School meals will be served in a clean, pleasant setting.
  7. Students will have convenient access to and be encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands prior to all snacks and meals.
  8. Potable (drinking) water will be readily available at all meal times.
  9. Appropriate supervision will be provided in the cafeteria and rules for safe behavior will be consistently enforced.
  10. Professional Development
  11. Professional development and training will be provided, at least annually, to food service managers and staff on proper food handling techniques and healthy cooking practices.

Nutrition Standards for Competitive and Other Foods and Beverages

Emmaus Lutheran School will provide and allow foods and beverages that support proper nutrition and promote healthy choices at concession stands, as school fundraisers, and classroom celebrations.

  1. Approved Nutrition Standards, based on the nutrition standards of the Institute of Medicine (2007) and the standards of the USDA Smart Snacks
  2. Foods outside of school meals shall be limited to:
  • No more than 30% of total calories from fat
  • Less than 10% of total calories from saturated fats
  • 0% trans fats
  • No more than 35% of calories from total sugars
  • No more than 200 mg of sodium per portion as packaged
  • No more than 200 calories per package
  • 100% of grains will be whole grain
  1. Beverages outside of school meals shall be limited to:
  • Water without flavoring, additives, or carbonation
  • 8-12 oz. portions of Low-fat and nonfat milk
  • 4 oz. portions of 100% fruit juice
  1. Availability
  1. Vending machines will not be accessible or made available to students throughout the day.
  2. Students and staff will have free, potable (drinking) water for consumption available in water fountains and refillable water bottle stations throughout the school building.
  1. Concession Stands
  1. The concession items sold at school-sponsored events to participants, fans, and visitors are encouraged to include at least 50% healthy beverages and foods, according to the approved nutrition standards.
  1. Classroom Celebrations
  1. Classroom celebrations are encouraged to focus on activities (i.e. free time, extra recess, music, reading time, etc.) as opposed to food.
  2. Classroom celebrations that include food will be limited to one per month.
  3. Schools shall inform parents/guardians of the classroom celebrations and the guidelines.


  1. Food as a Reward or Punishment
  1. Food will not be used to reward students.
  2. Food or drink at mealtimes will not be withheld from students as a form of punishment.
  1. Fundraisers
  1. Fundraising activities will consider supporting healthy eating and wellness.
  2. The promotion of non-food items for school sponsored fundraisers will be considered.


                                                                                                                        II.            Physical Activity

Emmaus Lutheran School supports the health and well-being of students by promoting physical activity through physical education, recess, and other physical activity breaks; before and after school activities. Additionally, Emmaus Lutheran School supports physical activity among elementary students by providing them with at least 20-30 of the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

  1. Physical Education
  2. All students will participate in physical education in order to meet the Physical Education Standards.
  3. The Physical Education program shall be provided adequate space and equipment to ensure quality Physical Education classes for students.
  4. All staff involved in Physical Education will be provided with opportunities for professional development focusing on physical activity, fitness, health, and wellness.
  1. Daily Recess and Physical Activity Breaks
    1. The school shall provide daily physical activity in accordance with the Indiana Code 20-30-5-7-5.
    2. All elementary school students will have at least one period of active recess per day that is at least 20 min in length as recommended by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NAPSE). This recess will be outdoors when possible. If outdoor recess is not possible due to inclement weather, teachers will provide an indoor physical activity break in the gymnasium or classroom.
    3. Emmaus Lutheran School will discourage extended periods of inactivity (2 or more hours). During events such as mandatory school-wide testing, teachers will give students periodic breaks for moderate physical activity.
  1. Physical Activity Opportunities Before and After School
    1. Emmaus Lutheran School encourages intramurals, clubs, interscholastic sports, and voluntary activities to increase opportunities for physical activity before and/or after school, taking into account student interest and supervisor availability.
    2. After school enrichment providers will include physical activity in their programs, to the extent space and equipment allows.
  2. Physical Activity and Remedial Activities/Punishment
    1. Students will not be removed or excused from Physical Education to receive instruction in other content areas.
    2. School staff will not use physical activity (i.e. running laps, pushups, etc.) or withhold opportunities for physical activity (i.e. recess, Physical Education) as punishment.
  3. Walking and Bicycling to School
    1. Schools will promote walking and bicycling to school when appropriate and safe.
    2. To the extent possible, the school will make improvements, so it is safer and more enjoyable to walk to school.
    3. The school will explore the availability of both local and federal funding to finance such improvements.
  4. Use of School Facilities Outside of School Hours
    1. School spaces and facilities may be rented and reserved by students, staff, and community members after the school day, on weekends, and during school vacations when our facility a staff member is available to supervise the building.



                                                                                                                              III.            Staff Wellness

Emmaus Lutheran School supports the health and well-being of our staff by creating and promoting policy and environmental supports to provide physical activity and healthy eating opportunities.

  1. Nutrition and Physical Activity
  2. Emmaus Lutheran School will allow staff to use school facilities outside of school hours for activities such as group fitness classes, walking programs, and individual use free of charge.
  3. Staff will be encouraged to participate in regular physical activities.
  4. Staff vending machines will contain at least 50% healthy choices as outlined in the approved nutrition standards.


                                                                                                                                       IV.            Evaluation

Emmaus Lutheran School is committed to enforcing the policies and guidelines included in this document. Through implementation of the school Wellness Policy, Emmaus Lutheran School will create an environment that supports opportunity for physical activity and healthy eating behaviors. To ensure continuing progress, the school will evaluate implementation efforts and their impact on students and staff.

  1. Implementation
    1. Interim Principal, Joann Olsen and Kindergarten teacher, Erin Schoof shall ensure that the school is in compliance with the school’s Wellness Policy and implementation.
    2. Policy language will be assessed each year and revised as needed.

February 9, 2023

Emmaus Lutheran School board