Extended Care


Extended care is located in the school cafeteria, and serving area. The playground and gymnasium may be used as possible. Students will be dropped off or picked up using the northeast doors.


Extended care hours are from 6:30 AM until 8:00 AM and from 3:25 PM until 5:45 PM. During these hours all students in the building shall be in extended care unless they are under the supervision of staff.

Access Codes

All parents are provided a code which will allow them access to Extended Care during Extended Care hours. These codes are for parents only. Sharing these numbers with students jeopardizes the safety and security of our students and facility.

Rules & Policies

All school policies, procedures, and guidelines are in effect during extended care. Extended care rules are posted. Students are to know and abide by these rules. Students are to follow the instructions of staff at all times. Consistent inability to follow the rules may result in the students being removed from Extended Care. Infractions of a serious nature may require use of the school-wide discipline procedure.


The charge for extended care is $6.00 per hour. The fee for late pickup (after 5:45 p.m.), will be charged at the rate of $5 per quarter hour or fraction thereof. Parents who use Extended Care and file this as an expense on their taxes need to keep a running record of the monthly account.